Aistė Žemaitienė

Lithuanian attorney

Aistė Žemaitienė is a certified Lithuanian attorney, able to represent her clients in all the Lithuanian institutions and courts of law. She specializes in citizenship law, residence law, civil law, and business law.

An excellent speaker of English, she has a mostly foreign clientele from more than 30 countries. She is a member of the Lithuanian Bar Association. She has volunteered in numerous expeditions researching Lithuanian heritage abroad for the Encyclopedia of Lithuanian heritage abroad, helping her understand better the Lithuanian diaspora and migrant needs. A passionate traveler, she is able to understand the cultures of her clients well.

Services and contacts

  • Legal consultations for foreigners – by e-mail, phone, etc.
  • Restoration of Lithuanian citizenship.
  • Residence permits in Lithuania.
  • Lithuanian descent certificate.
  • Drafting contracts in Lithuania.
  • Litigation and representation in Lithuanian courts.
  • Establishing companies in Lithuania.
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Aistė’s job and life

Lithuanian law explainer videos by Aistė

Clients talk…

Mrs. Žemaitienė successfully handled my complex Lithuanian citizenship case professionally and successfully. I thought I could do it on my own, but I needed to prove a fact in court as part of my citizenship application, which required an attorney. Mrs. Žemaitienė took care of the whole judicial process on my behalf and followed through to the very end, always keeping me very well informed in every step of the long process. Her fund of knowledge of the very specialized citizenship law, her familiarity with the administrative process, and her awareness of the cultural background are unmatched. I now have my dual citizenship, thanks to Mrs. Žemaitienė! 

Tom, New York, USA

Aistė is really amazing and professional. She helped me with all of my questions and followed my case with the authorities for more than one year until we obtained a successful result. I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in obtaining citizenship in Lithuania

Giulian, Canada